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Educating & Training
the Corrugated & Paperboard Packaging Workforce


Sip Wine on the Napa Train

Join your peers and friends for the Foundation for Packaging Education’s 2nd Fundraiser Event, Tuesday, July 16 to Thursday, July 18, 2024, at the luxurious Silverado Resort & Spa in the heart of Napa Valley, California.

How We Help

Studies have shown that manufacturing companies that can demonstrate investment in industry-related employee education are more likely to fill open positions and retain team members than those that cannot. 

Foundation funds will be used, in part, for in-person, goal-based training programs for manufacturing floor teams, so, the Foundation for Packaging Education is uniquely positioned to reduce the training expense for AICC member companies & the industry.

The Foundation will support educational and scientific research, and in-kind support to educational institutions for curriculum development growing the knowledge base available to everyone.

$3,000,000 Goal

We are striving to raise $3,000,000 in three years to support packaging education.

Are you ready to help us reach that goal?

Why Give

Greg tucker.JPG

Greg Tucker

Bay Cities

"I encourage anyone who believes that knowledge is power and wants to bring forward the minds of our existing and future employees to make a tax deductible gift to support this Foundation."

Greg Jones SUN Automation.jpg

Greg Jones

Sun Automation Group

"The results of this critical work will create additional opportunities for growth within our dynamic industry for our valued workforce and the increased skills developed will benefit our industry for many years to come."

Jay Carman Business Photo Headshot.jpg

Jay Carman

StandFast Packaging Groups

“I believe that donating to this industry-specific Foundation, will help encourage the young adults who already have careers in the packaging industry to continue to improve their knowledge and skills.”

Independent boxmakers and industry suppliers are actively supporting the Foundation. 

Have Questions?

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