Why Give

Be part of growing your industry via tax-deductible contributions that will benefit AICC’s industry-specific education and training programs through the Foundation for Packaging Education. 

Inaugural Donors include Bay Cities, BCM Inks, Buckeye Boxes, Central Container & Display, Deline Box & Display, Harris Packaging, Jamestown Container Companies, L.D. Davis, Michigan City Paper Box, Oklahoma Interpack, Package Crafters, Packaging Express, StandFast Packaging Group, SUN Automation, and Wasatch Container. All companies donating or making a pledge in the first year of the Foundation will be Inaugural Donors.

Greg Tucker

Bay Cities 

"AICC has taken on the leadership position for our industry to educate and train prospective employees, new hires and veterans in this great industry. This is just one of the many missions the AICC fulfills and education is one of my most passionate areas. We can gain all the possessions in the world but one possession that can never be taken from us is knowledge. That’s why knowledge is power. As we bring more and more bright stars into the industry we need to train them and to keep the saw sharpened for existing employees this foundation will prove  priceless.

I encourage anyone who believes that knowledge is power and wants to bring forward the minds of our existing and future employees to make a tax-deductible gift to support this goal.

The mind is a terrible thing, let’s not waste it!"

"The Foundation of Packaging Education is necessary to fill the void regarding the ongoing training and education for employees already in the industry and we need ongoing training and education to provide the skill set for our employees to be successful. The focus on workforce development will allow us to continue to elevate, develop, engage and ultimately retain our employees."

Joseph M Palmeri 

Jamestown Container Companies

Jay Carman

StandFast Packaging Group

“The environment that our industry will be facing will be more dynamic. The required skill sets of our workforce and technological advancements in our industry are constantly evolving. The Foundation for Packaging Education can help your company’s workforce keep up with this pace of change and help them meet the educational demands that will be needed to overcome future challenges.”

Help Create Courses

The Packaging School offers over 80 FREE online courses to AICC Members & employees. 

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Help Translate Courses

The Foundation will help translate online courses into Spanish.

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Help Retain Employees

An engaged employee is more likely to stay at a company longer.

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